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Overlaminates: why to use them and how they help

Overlaminates are a thin film that go directly onto your photograph.  Overlaminates offer protection from the elements, such as UV light, water and pollution.  Typically UV light does not cause photo degradation, unless photographs are left in an exposed area for a prolonged period of time.  The biggest culprit tends to be water or detergents that can spill, splash or be rubbed onto the prints, which tends to rub off the coloring on the print itself.  Adding a protectant to your print can help avoid damage.

There are many different finishes to overlaminate films, such as canvas, diamond, high gloss, leather, silk and semi-matte.  These types of finishes add an extra layer of texture to your print; they also add an additional layer of protection from having unwanted reprints without your permission. 

The application of overlaminates requires a cold mount press in order to properly adhere the film to your prints.  Even and heavy pressure must be used while adding an overlaminate. Utilizing a cold mount press to do so ensures there will be no bubbles or creases when overlaying the laminate to the print.  Be sure to check out our lines of cold mount presses and overlaminates in our store.

Protecting Photographs with Overlaminates